NCB Capital Impact 2011 Annual Report

  • When we bring healthy food into our communities, we’re not just making
this generation of kids healthier, but we’re working on the next, and the next, and the next
  • The rapidly-spreading Village Movement is helping older adults age gracefully by
offering the best of two colliding worlds
  • Each year, more than 90% of the school’s seniors will graduate and go on to
four-year colleges and universities
  • The Green House movement recognizes that just because someone can no longer live
independently doesn’t mean that they must surrender their dignity and quality of life
  • Lawndale’s commitment to its community runs deep. And New Markets Tax
Credits will help expand that commitment and serve more patients
  • The work of these organizations will transform the future
for hundreds of families and set the foundation for millions of families to realize their dream of homeownership.