Terry Simonette

Message from the CEO

When a plan comes together that creates opportunities for underserved people and communities to get a whole lot more out of life, it’s a good time to give thanks, and double down to scale and sustain it.

And that’s exactly what NCB Capital Impact did in 2011, thanks to critical resources and numerous partnerships committed to help people from low-income communities attain better access to affordable health care, healthy foods, education, housing and more dignified and respectful elder care. Specifically, we collaborated to:

Two key drivers brought the plan home, and set the stage for continued scale and sustainability: a whole lot of cooperation and a whole lot of innovating.

Cooperation is more than a value at Capital Impact; it is our core. Rooted in a cooperative approach, our ability to scale and sustain investment stems from our diverse network of alliances that spans foundations, investment banks and government agencies, as well as our peers and organizations in the communities we serve. A few highlights from joint initiatives in 2011 are:

Innovation takes center stage at Capital Impact. For us, new concepts and approaches to complex social issues must reach wide across America, and far into the future. This was highly evident in 2011:

Impact is why we do it. In 2011, cooperation and innovation to help people get the most from life yielded: Financial strength allows us to keep making it happen: For the fifth consecutive year, CARS™ awarded Capital Impact their highest financial and impact performance rating of “1” for Financial Strength and Performance; the highest rating of “AAA” for Impact Performance; and a Policy Plus for leadership in policy changes impacting disadvantaged people and communities.

All of these successes point to the truth we instinctually know: cooperation and innovation work. Not only in the programs we deliver, but in the communities we serve. This is why they will continue to drive our efforts and create development that is sustainable and far-reaching. Count on it.

Terry Simonette
Terry Simonette
President & CEO
NCB Capital Impact